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Welcome to Skydive Australia

Skydive Australia is the ultimate skydiving company

Skydive Australia has been helping people understand the true meaning of 'EXTREME ADVENTURE' since 1981! We are the innovative leaders of the Australian Skydiving industry and we are always challenging ourselves to provide better service and 100% client satisfaction. We are looking to the future of tandem skydiving... and the view is pretty exciting from up here!

Our team at Skydive Australia are dedicated to breaking new ground and exploring the beautiful East Coast of Australia, and we have found 5 perfect locations to take in the spectacular views! Choose from Sydney, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Mission Beach or Cairns.  Sydney - The only heritage listed drop zone, experience views of shimmering Central Coast lakes and coast line.  Byron Bay - The most easterly point of Australia and New South Wales most loved holiday destination!  Redcliffe, Brisbane - a seaside location with 22 kilometres (14 miles) of stunning coastline.  Mission Beach - One of Australia's top seductive destinations with it's long unspoilt beaches.  Cairns - See the Great Barrier Reef and rainforest from above, skydiving up to 14,000ft!

We are a family, and we all work together to bring you the best choices and experience that will last a lifetime. Our fun and professional team of highly qualified instructors will show you the thrill of skydiving and ensure that your experience is amazing from start to finish. We are proud of our impeccable safety record for all tandem skydives.

Why "just" skydive when you can let Skydive Australia expose your senses to a TOTAL SKYDIVE EXPERIENCE!

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